i remember a while back being on youtube and searching for new music and i saw there was a song by rihanna ft. drake and i thought this had to be good cause drake was in it so i listened to the song but it was only a chorus so i read the description and it said that this was an unreleased song by rihanna but i still downloaded the song even though it was only a chorus and i would listen to this song everyday that was about 1-2 years ago my psp i had at the time broke so i had to buy a new mp3 player and with that i forgot about the song until about 2 weeks ago i searched youtube for that song and could not find it mainly because i thought the name of the song was make me and not im back dont ask where that came from but to make a long story short for the past 2 weeks i have been searching youtube and google for that song and while i was showering about 20 minutes ago it hit me to look up rihanna and drake unreleased song and this was the first song to come up and when i read the title i knew that was the song anyway i said all that to say i really wish they would have released this song

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