i have a question for you followers and i really hope i get some respones to this cause i feel like i should be mad but then i dont want to blow up the situation and its nothing serious but heres the question:

say you and a friend had plans to go somewhere but they got fucked up and yall ended up not being able to do what yall had planned to do then about 2 hrs later the friend that you had plans on going out with leaves (around 11:30) and doesnt come back to like 4 in the morning should i be upset about that fact that i can invite you to go places (and when i say to go places that could be anywhere like to the walmart cause you dont have a way to get there so i volunteer my sisters services w/o asking her first b/c i know she has a car, or inviting you to go out with me and sister when we do decided to go out) but you cant return the gesture

that for some reason really pissed me off and im still a little upset over it cause i feel like im only your friend when im of use to you and if im not then its like well shes just my roommate and then what makes it even worse is that fact that i thought you would be the person that i wanted to room with cause we have known each other since 10th grade and if you were to do something you would ask me if i wanted to go and vice versea i do ask her if she wants to do things with me but idk if she doesnt want to go places with me cause every time we do decide to do something it never works out  im guessing i should have gotten the hint then oh well i hope someone takes their time out to read this cause i really need some advice right about now so leave me a comment on your opinion

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Jarael Campbell said...

WTF??, this exact scenario happened to me last night also, but it just made me realize that next time something comes up just watch for yourself and make sure YOU have fun